Flea Treatment Options

There are several products for flea treatments of cats and dogs and there are things that should be considered when buying them. These flea treatments offer comprehensive flea protection through the elimination of adult fleas, eggs and larvae. Effective flea treatment products are those that eliminates adult fleas, eggs and larvae on contact giving it tremendous advantage from other products that needs adult fleas to bite your pets before the treatment is able to enter into their system and kill them. Fleas are different from ticks and therefore you have to find another treatment option if your dog or cat has ticks, a tick collar can do the job. Learn more about flea treatment, go here

A good flea treatment product has the following characteristics such as a once a month application that is convenient for most pet owners because they do not have to remember a number of dates for their treatment, a product that kills on direct contact within 12 hours of application in your pets and able to eliminate all life stages of fleas including eggs and larvae for further prevention of re infestation. Other important considerations are the ability of the treatment to work even in wet conditions because you will never know where your pet will go within the prescribed period of treatment and the safety of these products to humans, they must be non-toxic to humans if they are inhaled or ingested. The active ingredient in most successful flea treatment is imidacloprid that works as a neurotoxin and paralyzes the flea's nervous system which causes eventual death. These neurotoxin works in pets within 12 hours of application and is able to kill ninety eight to one hundred percent of the fleas. There is another active ingredient that is used for the prevention of re-infestation and this works by preventing the hatching of eggs and therefore eliminating the growth of these pests. The protection for your pets are best assured by these successful flea treatments for a minimum of 4 weeks or one month. These products when applied must be observed for signs of pet sensitivity and if your pet has one, consult a veterinarian immediately. It is best to read the precautions on the label of each product before using because there are some that are prohibited from entering the eyes and mouth of your pets. As with any product that is used to eliminate fleas and other pests, it is important for these kinds of products to be stored in places that are safe and free from the access of household occupants. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started