How to Find Flea and Tick Treatment for Your Cat and Dog

Dogs and cats are by far man's greatest animal friends. You spend most of your time with your dog or cat. You, therefore, want to ensure that their health condition is in check and that they are clean at all times. However, ticks and fleas find their way to your cat or dog. This puts you in a tricky situation, as it is easy for the fleas to get to you. Finding a treatment for this condition is urgent and crucial. Below are the tips that you should consider when finding the best treatment for fleas and ticks on your cat and dog. Learn more about  how to get rid of fleas on dogs, go here. 

Topical treatments

When you discover fleas or ticks have attacked your pet, topical treatment is an effective way to get rid of them. This kind of treatment is applied on the back or neck of a pet. This kind of treatment contain insect growth regulator that inhibit the hatching of insect egg and the larva from maturing. It is possible to eliminate fleas with a single application, provided it is done well. Despite its efficiency in getting rid of pests in animals, spot on treatments has some negative effect on humans. They cause irritation on skin and eyes of humans. Once you have applied, you must make sure that you wash your hands properly. Find out for further details on  flea medicine for dogs right here. 


Flea shampoo is a great way of treating your cat or dog against fleas and ticks. You wash your pet using the shampoo. The effects of the shampoo lasts for a whole day. Washing your pet with shampoo is somehow labor intensive but worth it. You should however not use flea shampoo on your pets quite often, as this will cause irritation on the skin of your pet. In most cases, flea shampoos may be used when you know that your pet will be exposed to pest, like when you go camping.


Prevention is better than cure. When you maintain cleanliness both by washing your pet and maintaining your home cleanliness, you will be preventing a possible pest infestation. Pests dread a clean place and they can never set up their residence in a clean pet. When washing your pets, you must ensure that you use the appropriate detergent that is gentle on their skin at the same time it is strong enough to wash away pests on the body of your pet.